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Creech St Michael Baptist Church is a congregation of Christian Believers from all walks of life and a whole range of ages. We worship Jesus Christ: crucified, buried and risen again, and are an evangelical and increasingly charismatic body of worshippers, believing that God gives each member of his body gifts to be used for the building up of his people and his kingdom. We seek to enable people to express those gifts during our regular times of worship together and during other weekly activities. 

About Jesus


We believe Jesus Christ to be the most important person of all time, and that He

was not just a person but also the Son of God - Divine and Human together.

If you'd like to know more about Jesus, we'd love to help, but there's also another

website which may help answer your questions too. So please do get in touch with us,

and/or have a look at Christianity.org.uk.

Creech St Michael Baptist Church.   Tel: 01823 443692. Address: St Michael Road, Creech St Michael, Taunton. TA3 5QQ.

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