Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is responsible for the spiritual life and health of the Church and of every member. It seeks to be God-centred and directed in all its thinking and actions and continually open to the Holy Spirit. It seeks to create an atmosphere in which trust and loving relationships can develop and flourish. This is necessary as we seek to reach people in the surrounding area and bring them to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord.


The Leadership Team aims to provide good steady leadership in the Church, guiding and supporting members and helping them to work together as a family of God in Creech St Michael Baptist Church. It provides a support group for the Pastors and other leaders in decision making and in difficult matters. It brings together the Ministers and Treasurer, along

with members elected from and by the whole membership to ensure that there is a wide representation of views and

information on matters under consideration. It is responsible for co-ordinating the activities within the Church, through close contact with the various action groups. As necessary it supports and advises leaders, and evaluates and reviews the activities and the leaders. It is responsible for approving the establishment of new developments and recommends the names of new and replacement leaders to the Church meeting.

It also deals with a number of matters delegated to it by the Church meeting, such as the approval of requests for Church membership. The Leadership Team provides a wider group of leaders to whom the Church members can express views and concerns and know they will be listened to with respect.

Matt Bradley
Lead Pastor
Mig Partridge
Youth Pastor
Children, safeguarding, families, young adults
Sharon Barnes
Prayer and Prophecy
David Browse
Ben Cavaghan
Leadership Team
Ian Kelland
Finance and Employment
Judith Medlock
'Giving it away'
(Conferences, blessing others, planting)
Neil Tinson
Developing Leader
Ian Tremain
Leadership Team
Jane Warden
Church Secretary and Bookkeeper
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