about us


Creech St Michael Baptist Church is a congregation of Christian Believers from all walks of life and a whole range of ages. We worship Jesus Christ: crucified, buried and risen again, and are an evangelical and increasingly charismatic body of worshippers, believing that God gives each member of his body gifts to be used for the building up of his people and his kingdom. We seek to enable people to express those gifts during our regular times of worship together and during other weekly activities. 

We meet regularly on a Sunday morning at 10.30am and Sunday evening at 6.30pm.

At the moment we are gathering online - find out more below

We also have lots happening with our children and young people on Sunday mornings and during the week! Check out more about COSMIC (Children On Sunday Morning In Church)

and our Youth below.

We are doing lots online at the moment - find out more below


staff team

Matt Bradley

Lead Pastor

Mig Partridge

Youth Pastor

June Ridout

Office Administrator

Leilani Turner

Creative Communications

Ali Tinson

Ministry Placement Student


leadership team

The Leadership Team is responsible for the spiritual life and health of the Church and of every member. It seeks to be God-centred and directed in all its thinking and actions and continually open to the Holy Spirit. It seeks to create an atmosphere in which trust and loving relationships can develop and flourish. This is necessary as we seek to reach people in the surrounding area and bring them to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

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Sharon Barnes

Prayer & Prophecy


Safeguarding (DDPS)

David Browse


Ben Cavaghan

Leadership Team

Photo 05-03-2017, 12 11 38.jpg

Ian Kelland

Finance & Employment

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Judith Medlock

Conferences & Blessing Others


Safeguarding Trustee

Neil Tinson

Developing Leader

Ian Tremain

Leadership Team


Jane Warden


action groups

To outwork the vision and mission of the church, we have 8 action groups, find out more below:



Ali Turner


(Children On Sunday Morning

In Church)


Ali runs and oversees all the children's (ages 3-11) work on Sunday morning.

Kathryn Morgan

LIFE Groups Leader

(Weekly Small Groups)


Kathryn oversees all of our weekly Life groups and the content or series they discuss.

Richard Graham

Data Protection Advisor


Richard oversees the collection, use, storing, protection and transfer of personal information.

what we believe

The Church Mission Statement: ‘To Know Christ and to make Him Known.’


Although not original to us in Creech St Michael, this mission statement still serves as a basic and memorable expression of the Great Commission Jesus left us:“Go and make disciples of all nations …” (Mt 28:19) 

The Church Vision Statement: This seeks to ‘flesh out’ the mission statement:

‘Committed to New Testament principles of Relational, Spiritual & Kingdom growth, we seek to honour God the Father by enabling people to become mature disciples of Jesus Christ, reaching out in the Power of the Holy Spirit.’ As such we are both an 'anchored' church with stability and history as well progressing into charismatic renewal. Renewal often happens best within a context that has roots.


What are the New Testament principles of Relational, Spiritual and Kingdom growth? If we read Acts 2:42-47 we can see them at work in the early church.

  • Relational Growth: Fellowship, Pastoral, Practical, Love!

  • Spiritual Growth: Personal and as a fellowship, Worship, Spiritual Gifts, Discipleship, (becoming mature disciples).

  • Kingdom Growth: New Christians! Means an emphasis on reaching out in the power of the Holy Spirit.

baptism and membership

If you are interested in being baptised or joining us as a member, or just simply want to know more about either,

please do reach out to one of us here at Creech Baptist Church.


Both of our pastors would love to chat to you about either so do get in touch. Or email our office, where we can put you in

contact with someone else.

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about Jesus

We believe Jesus Christ to be the most important person of all time, and that He was not just a person but also the Son of God - Divine and Human together.

If you'd like to know more about Jesus, we'd love to help, but there's also another website which may help answer your questions too. So please do get in touch with us, and/or have a look at