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Generosity is part of the normal Christian life. We have an amazingly generous Father in heaven who pours out his unrestrained love to us. So when it comes to reflecting His nature we should do it in our words, our actions and our finances.


We believe it is right to give to the local church as it seeks to further the work of God in a locality as well as giving to other charitable needs, Christian and non-Christian. Members at CSMBC are encouraged to give regularly, most setting up a Direct Debit. If you would like to set up a direct debit, email the treasurer here.


We promise to steward your gifts to the ministry with wisdom and integrity, and we believe that every penny you give is a seed sown into our collective aim of the extension of the glorious kingdom of Jesus. We pray that the Father in Heaven will bless you in greater measure, remembering that you can never out-give God.

Account no: 65227310

Sort code: 089299

Name: Zion Baptist Church CSM No 1

Regularly throughout the year (Easter, Harvest, Christmas), as a church we choose to give above and beyond as a love gift to certain charities. To know when a love gift is coming up, listen out for it in our services or sign up to our weekly email here.


Recent charities we have given to include: Taunton foodbank, Tearfund, Taunton Open Door, The Leprosy Mission.

Contact Jane Warden, our treasurer, for more information.

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Harvest Love Gift 2021

BMS Harvest Appeal

The Harvest Love Gift will be donated towards the BMS Harvest 2021 Appeal  

''We can’t show their faces. But God has numbered every hair on their heads. Will your church stand with these Christians in hard places? In the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, fearless Christians are stepping out in faith and living the gospel in hard places, no matter the cost. 

And this is why BMS World Mission is inviting your church to support them. With your support, we can send Bibles, equip isolated Christians to access Bible training, partner with church planters and pray for persecuted believers, and share stories that will inspire your whole congregation.

Will you stand with the World Church to make disciples and help Christian communities flourish in hard places hostile to the gospel? ''

 A full version of the appeal, including a short video (watch below), is in the BMS World Mission Website

Please make donations by bank transfer to the Creech St Michael Baptist Church account
Account Name : Zion Baptist Church; Sort Code : 089299 ;
Account Number : 65227310; adding the reference 'Harvest'.
For information about Gift Aid please email Jane Warden.