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Creech St Michael Baptist Church supports a number of people serving with churches and global mission organisations, both in the UK and abroad:

Paul & Kathryn Hopkins

Paul & Kathryn Hopkins are part of YWAM England running Purefire Ministries. Their mandate is to ignite spiritual hunger, to raise up an army of mature disciples who will carry His love, His supernatural presence and His supernatural kingdom into every area of life. Purefire Ministries hosts conferences and runs events locally, nationally and internationally. They facilitate worship events and speak, teach and demonstrate the reality of the Kingdom wherever they go.

John & Sue Wilson

John & Sue Wilson. John is the Pastor of the Baptist Church in Lyon, France. They are supported by Baptist World Mission. Sue ‘heads up’ the young people work in the church. They have four children. Jessie, Robina, Tommy and Bonnie.


D & A

D&A have worked in Christian Radio and hosting Christians in a sensitive part of the world. They have recently stepped out of the hosting role and we are continuing to support them as they seek where they should serve next.

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Hanna & Lina Eid

Hanna and Lina Eid pastor a small Baptist church in the village of Eilaboun some 12 miles NE of Nazareth in the Galilee, Israel. They are Evangelical Arab Christians and as such experience quite a lot of obstruction to their desire to win adults and children to Christ in Eilaboun and the surrounding villages. They have three young children, Heidi, Abigail & Tarneem. We came to know them while Hanna was studying in the UK in 2003-4 and some from our church visited them in Israel in November 2006 and May 2010.


Will & Judith Sawers

Will & Judith Sawers have been involved with Bible translation in Central Africa since 1996 with Wycliffe Bible Translators, mainly in the Central African Republic. They returned to the UK in 2012 for family reasons, but continue working with Wycliffe, and continue to support Bible translation in CAR.  Will does translation consulting for Bible Translation projects, both remotely and through regular visits, and Judith supports the work through prayer raising and communications support. She also works with other Wycliffe members who are raising their financial support to enable them to work around the world.


John & Elizabeth Ntsiful

John is Senior Lecturer at the Christian University College, Kumasi, Ghana. John trained in UK some years ago and gained his Masters Degree in Glasgow. Elizabeth is a teacher and has also studied at the college. She is involved in the work of their church. They have three children. Florence is in Ghana working for Nestle as Compensation and Benefits Manager. Abigail has a job at International School of Business Studies in London where she obtained her MBA and is now lecturing there. Jonathan is doling his National Service as a teaching assistant at Kumasi University, where he obtained his degree.


Phil & Cathy Davison

Phil & Cathy Davison have been in Africa with SIL for more than 20 years. Phil (UK) and Cathy (USA) met and were married in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire in 1994. They are currently assigned as consultants (Cathy in literacy and education, Phil in linguistics), and they particularly enjoy their involvement in various training courses in Anglophone and Francophone Africa.