Agents Assemble Online!

Holiday Club 2020

Monday 20th July -

Friday 24th July

From around 10am each day.

Registration is now


Pssst….. over here….. have they gone?....great!

Agents Assemble Online!

This year, Creech Holiday Club has gone digital! But whatever you do, don’t tell anyone, because this is Top Secret information, only for Top Secret Agents-in-Training like you.


Join fellow Agents Matt and Jas as they interrupt your computer screens with a week full of sneaking, seeking, problem-solving investigations, as together we try to follow the clues and discover who this mysterious man called Jesus really is. Spurred on and guided by the Agent simply known as ‘The Boss’, each day we will open up the evidence, learn some Bible stories and piece together the answers, with plenty of fun, songs and crafts along the way! It’s going to take real spy-skills to find the answers, but don’t worry Ruby Radar will be on hand at every turn, with the best gadgets and gizmos a secret agent could ever need – but be warned, some of them are works in progress!


So… what are you waiting for – put on your sunglasses and pop your collar… it’s time for Holiday Club 2020

 Agents Assemble: Online!

Registration is now CLOSED.


Any Questions? Feel free to contact Chris Pollard at



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