What We Believe

The Church Mission Statement: ‘To Know Christ and to make Him Known.’


Although not original to us in Creech St Michael, this mission statement still serves as a basic and memorable expression of the Great Commission Jesus left us:“Go and make disciples of all nations …” (Mt 28:19) 



The Church Vision Statement: This seeks to ‘flesh out’ the mission statement:

‘Committed to New Testament principles of Relational, Spiritual & Kingdom growth, we seek to honour God the Father by enabling people to become mature disciples of Jesus Christ, reaching out in the Power of the Holy Spirit.’ As such we are both an 'anchored' church with stability and history as well progressing into charismatic renewal. Renewal often happens best within a context that has roots.


What are the New Testament principles of Relational, Spiritual and Kingdom growth? If we read Acts 2:42-47 we can see them at work in the early church.

  • Relational Growth: Fellowship, Pastoral, Practical, Love!

  • Spiritual Growth: Personal and as a fellowship, Worship, Spiritual Gifts, Discipleship, (becoming mature disciples).

  • Kingdom Growth: New Christians! Means an emphasis on reaching out in the power of the Holy Spirit.



What does it mean to be Baptist? Perhaps this video from the Baptist Union may help to answer that for you. Why not take 15 minutes to watch it.


Creech St Michael Baptist Church (also known as Zion*) is a member of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, and their five core values and declaration of principle to which we adhere can be found on their website: www.baptist.org.uk. We are also members of the Evangelical Alliance and agree to their basis of faith which can be found on their website: www.eauk.org.  There are forty million people around the world who call themselves Baptist Christians, believing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that he died for every person and if we accept him into our lives he promises us eternal life with Him. But in the mean time He gives us the Holy Spirit to live within us, guiding us and helping us to live our lives as Christ-like as possible. As a local congregation we seek to care for and encourage each another, as well as looking outside of our Church community and into our local communities.


*The name Zion: Instead of giving Saints names to their buildings like Catholic and Anglican Churches, many Nonconformist Churches used place names mentioned in the Bible as 'nicknames' for their Chapels. Hence the prevalence of 'Bethel', Ebenezer' and 'Zion' Chapels across Britain, especially in Wales.